Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Smoke Simulation in the GPU - Pitch

Smoke Simulation in the CPU is very slow and not suited for real time projects, even in small grids. Each frame takes many seconds to render, depending on the size of the grid, and the most realistic simulations usually require bigger grids than 10 X 1 cells. I would like to make it more efficient by using the GPU to implement costly calculations that slow down the simulation and be able to simulate smoke in bigger grids. I will also use this time to get a good-looking rendering of smoke.

The first step would be to move the conjugate gradient solver to the GPU, since this is the slowest step in the simulation. After that I could focus on either improving the looks by implementing blackbody rendering and/or continue taking more steps into the GPU to increase performance further.

Previous work on fluid simulation on the GPU:

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